A job ad alone won’t get you the desired results. We directly approach candidates in a very personal way. We make sure that we know you really well and thus ensure the best possible match.

Attention to detail

We honor existing commitments. Just as the Germans are used to. That’s how we make a difference and gain the trust of our candidates.

Years of experience

Recruitment of German professionals is our daily business. With our ‘Fingerspitzengefühl’ (tact) we bridge the cultural gap and translate your desired profile to the ideal candidate. Sometimes we even know better what our customers want/need than they do themselves. Because we know the market.

Recruitment from A to Z

From intake to match and aftercare: we take care of your entire recruitment, step by step. Read how we do this in the 5 steps down below:

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First we get to know you really well. What kind of company do you have? What are your ambitions in Germany. What kind of profile are you looking for? Only after we have gained a very sharp image of who you are and what you need, we start with the headhunting.


Matching and motivated German professionals are hard to find at the moment. We don’t just place ads and sit back and wait. We actively approach German candidates via LinkedIn, the German Xing and various trade portals.


We first get to know candidates in a telephone interview. We invite the most promising candidates to a personal interview in Germany. In this way you will only meet with the best of candidates at your location. If you wish we can also attend these interviews with you on site.


In the end our (combined) efforts will lead to the best possible match between your and your new German employee. We make sure that the contract negotiations go smoothly and don’t get hindered by cultural differences.


We don’t throw you in the deep after the match. Once the new colleague starts there will definitely be practical questions. You can always reach us for support or practical tips.

Who are you looking for?

A German (Key) Accountmanager? Sales representative? Salesmanager? CEO? Business Developer? No matter who, where or what sector: we will search and find your perfect candidates. Border-defying recruitment starts at de Grenz.

Give us a call to find out how we can help you.