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Grenzgänger Nienke Pilkes & Esther de Grooth

Do you you shy away from a set of Grenzgängers? In German the word “Grenzgänger” is used to signify someone who is a border commuter. Because that is what we are:

Nienke Pilkes & Esther de Grooth. Dutch roots, raised in Germany, educated and living in the Netherlands, and now working in both countries. We both have an international background, having studied and lived in different European countries and Australia. We each speak 5 languages and are both near natives in English. We help innovative companies to capitalize on their opportunities in the German market and to generate (more) revenue.

That makes us experienced Germany specialists: experts who possess the knowledge and connections that you need to become successful in the most attractive European market, Germany.

Our background means that we are German for Germans on the other hand we know how to interact on an international level. And yes, that is important:

Why do you need our expertise?

Germany is the biggest European market. It is therefore logical that you have your eyes set on Germany: there is a whole market to be conquered. Close by, and apparently comparable to the many other countries. Easy peasy, right?


The German (business) mentality. Laws and regulations. German humor. To name just 3 things which you will encounter when you cross the border – and these things work just a little differently in Germany.

An example

Dutch employees are used to negotiate their employment contract. Germans don’t. Employees take it as an insult if you set their salary (very) low to start off with in the negotiations. They feel it as a lack of confidence and trust. They would rather choose a different employer. Even if the position is less attractive in terms of content.

We guard you from these kinds of mistakes. We ensure that you come across as “German” to Germans. Because we speak the language. Literally: German is our native language. And figuratively: we know the German mentality. We understand what they want and expect. On the other hand, we are experienced in working with international companies and their cultural differences. Therefore, we understand your way of thinking too.

We got the knowledge

Most companies we advise, lack knowledge about the German (business) culture, preparation and strategy. Therefore, we are not afraid to put our finger on the sore spot:

Where do you still fall short to successfully enter the German market or further develop your turnover? Which steps do you need to take – and in which order – before you are ready to head off? With which strategy do you use your opportunities best in the biggest market of Europe?

Which sector or branch you are active in, does not matter to us.  What matters is, that you want to be successful in Germany. What do you (still) need, to get that far? We can spot your chances and bottlenecks at a glance and will point them out to you.  And will support you when necessary. That’s what counts.

We have got the connections

How do you find a German CEO? Sales Manager? Or Account Manager? How do you bind the best German staff to your company? Because good staff is crucial to your chances there.

Our connections in Germany are close. Over the years, we have built up an extensive network. From German professionals, translators, marketing agencies, lawyers and accountants. You name it. We let you benefit from this:

We will find the right people for you. And prepare you and your business in how you approach them as “German”. By doing so, you will enter a good, long-term relationships with them right from the start.

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Let’s go!

It may be evident: we feel at home when it comes to cross-border affairs with Germany. Or rather boarders: plural. Because it is about more than just the literal border with Germany. It is also about figurative boarders: your ambitions, opportunities, propositions and – ultimately – your success. Are you ready to move the boundaries? In that case: Deutschland, here we come!

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