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We are a catalyst for your success in Germany. With a practical and personal approach, we ensure that you get a better grip on your success in Germany and that investments actually lead to sales and growth in Europe’s largest market. Get advice and support from experienced German natives with an international background. Real Germany specialists.

We offer strategic organizational advice and recruitment specialized on the German market. Together we set up your route for success in Germany and find the right candidate.

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The right German staff increases your chances for success on the German market. How do you find and bind the best professionals? We support your company with the recruitment and the following steps to help you getting started. This way you can serve your (demanding and critical!) German customers directly in the best possible way.


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About us

We are Nienke Pilkes and Esther de Grooth, open minded professionals with broad international experience and a Dutch-German background. For years we have been helping innovative companies to optimize their success in Germany, making us experienced Germany specialists – in language, (business) culture and the German market. Like no other, suitable to help you push the boundaries of your success to cross the German border or to expand your current business.

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